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Complying With Applicable Real Estate Zoning Regulations in Illinois

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Orland Park Real Estate Zoning AttorneyIn the popular classic board game Monopoly, the rules are simple; buy real estate properties and profit from rent collected on those properties. If you can corner the market, you will be in a position to raise rents. If you fall into a perilous financial position, you can mortgage a property in exchange for liquid cash when it is a more pressing need than equity. 

It is both surprising and amusing that is this basic set of rules, learned by children at kitchen tables from generation to generation, is often among the earliest financial knowledge acquired. We learn about property values, rents, mortgages from the game, but notice that there are no rules pertaining to the zoning of real estate. That element of real estate ventures has already been taken care, evidently, with the board’s properties, from low-rent to high-rise, already ready for business.  

Monopoly is a fun game, and it arguably even contains some helpful lessons and basic truths, but in real life, real estate is vastly more complex. It is precisely because of this complexity that you must diligently work and plan to comply with every applicable zoning law and other regulations with regard to real estate business ventures.

Residential and Commercial Properties are Subject to Zoning Regulations in Illinois

Real estate has been in the news more than ever on account of the business background of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Years ago, when President Trump was making arrangement to have a skyscraper built in Manhattan, New York, the architectural plans called for the building to be a few feet taller than the legal height limit at the time. In other words, the plans were non-compliant with relevant regulations – a real estate zoning issue that had to be resolved in order for the development plans to proceed.  

Resolving such an issue is most definitely not a simple matter of asking the city or state nicely, receiving approval, and quickly and easily going on with business. Rather, the process is complex and requires the work, knowledge, and expertise of individuals familiar with the ins and outs of compliance with the rules and regulations of real estate zoning. The same is true in the state of Illinois.

Contact an Illinois Real Estate Attorney

To ensure that your real estate development is in compliance with all current Illinois zoning regulations, you need an experienced real estate lawyer on your side. The accomplished lawyers at Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck, Ltd. can work with you to obtain permits and handle zoning and land use petitions. Contact our Orland Park real estate lawyers today at 708-448-8141.



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