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Zoning Entitlements Can Be a Prerequisite to Business Operations

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Orland Park zoning entitlements attorneyBusiness operations, in the popular imagination, are at times misleadingly straightforward. The suggestion is often that bringing a business to fruition is a matter of idea generation, capital acquisition, and a whole lot of work. While these three aspects are typically cornerstones of a successful business, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes. 

For Illinois businesses that intend to operate in a traditional physical location, whether a building, warehouse, mall, outdoor facility, or other area, it is imperative that every legal right necessary to the short and long term operations and existence of the business be secured by a qualified Cook County zoning and land use attorney.  

Zoning Entitlements Include Easements, Covenant, Declarations, and Other Solutions

If you have never read the words “zoning entitlements” once in your entire life, there is no need to panic. The business world is full of professionals, including business law attorneys who specialize in even the most arcane of concepts and issues to help your business succeed. Business is not purely future-oriented; it inherently implicates history when a physical location is concerned. 

Specifically, business development, while looking to the future, must often also revisit the histories of property ownership and land use. As you well know, a business does not exist in a vacuum. It operates in a vast network of other business, utilities, schools, homes, apartments, and much more. 

In other words, a business exists in a community. As such, there are municipal, state, federal, and private contract-related rules, regulations, and stipulations as to the rights flowing from real property ownership, and as concerns the types of business activities fit for a specific location in a specific community. Public safety must be considered. The quiet enjoyment of private residences must be considered. This is where the counsel of an experienced Illinois zoning and land use attorney comes into focus.

Zoning Entitlements May Be Acquired from Governmental and Private Entities

An easement may be required to facilitate ingress and egress from a parcel of real property, especially if it is situated in a unique physical environment (e.g. near mountains or water). A covenant may be necessary to do what you wish with property or a lease, or even to prevent other parties from engaging in activities that conflict with the activities of your business. 

When navigating these complexities in the Chicago area, you can rely on the experience of the attorneys of Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck, Ltd. We can help you secure the resources you need to make your business successful. Contact our Orland Park business law attorneys at 708-448-8141. 




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