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Contract Negotiations Attorneys

Contract Negotiations

Forward-Thinking Lawyers for Contract Negotiations

In past generations, a person's word and a handshake were as strong as any written agreement. While times may have changed in many ways, the attorneys at Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd. believe that business relationships must be based on trust and mutual understanding. With that being said, most business and commercial transactions are facilitated by negotiated contracts that protect the interests of all involved parties. A knowledgeable business contract attorney can be an invaluable resource for your company.

At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., we help businesses develop and negotiate contracts of all types, from relatively simple purchase orders to complex agreements regarding mergers and acquisitions. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, our distinguished lawyers take the time to get know our clients and to understand their goals, values, and business needs. We build long-term, cooperative relationships with our clients, giving us unique insight into how the company works and allowing us to become trusted advisors in addition to providing sound legal counsel.

Contract Attorneys Serving Your Needs

The accomplished attorneys at our firm recognize that a properly-drafted business contract must protect your interests, further your opportunities, and reduce the likelihood of future disputes or litigation. With careful preparation and meticulous attention to detail, we adeptly handle contracts of all types, including:

  • Agreements for the purchase, sale, and licensing of goods or services;
  • Lending agreements, mortgages, and other financial contracts;
  • Commercial real estate purchases, sales, and leases;
  • Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements;
  • Non-competition agreements and non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements;
  • Purchase and sale agreements in merger and acquisition matters;
  • Partnership contracts and shareholder agreements; and
  • Franchise agreements.

The Importance of Business Contracts

To suggest that contracts provide the functional backbone of most business deals is not an understatement. A poorly-designed contract could place your company at serious financial risk. At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., we realize that negotiating the terms of a business contract is only part of the equation. The contract itself must also be drafted so that there is no unclear language or provisions that could be interpreted in different ways. No matter how complex the agreement itself may be, clarity is crucial to the long-term stability of the agreement. Our attorneys carefully craft and counsel our clients on the contractual obligations in which they wish to enter.

If you have questions about contracts, agreements, or any other type of business document, we can help you find the answers. Our firm has earned a well-deserved reputation as lawyers who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients' needs and expectations. Contact us at 708-448-8141 to schedule an appointment with Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd.

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