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Zoning and Land Use Attorneys in Illinois

Illinois Zoning and Land Use lawyers

Experienced Lawyers for Zoning Issues

Issues related to zoning and the proper use of land can be very complex for property owners and developers. At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., our attorneys provide guidance and responsible representation for owners and developers in working with government entities regarding zoning entitlements. We also develop easements, declarations, covenants, and other solutions necessary to meet our clients' property management and development needs.

Zoning and Land Use Considerations

Our firm has worked closely with private parties as well as government entities in matters of zoning and land use. The attorneys at Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd. regularly handle zoning and land use petitions for our clients. Most property development matters include zoning considerations. This is also often the case for renovated and improved properties. The process of obtaining the property entitlements can be complicated and time consuming, requiring attention to detail and refined collaborative skills. Our lawyers assist with zoning and land use concerns related to:

  • Special use requests – If the intended use of a particular property must satisfy certain criteria before it will be permitted in its zoning district, a special use permit allows the developer to proceed with the proposed plans. Before granting a special use permit, the municipality will usually ensure that the project will contribute positively to the zoning district; and
  • Variances and rezoning – In some cases, the zoning of a particular parcel of property may need to be amended to accommodate a proposed project. Gaining such approval may require an entire team of architects, engineers, and other professionals, as well as attorneys, to address governmental or public concerns. A successful outcome may take the form of an approved variance or the rezoning of the property.

At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., we are also adept at negotiating incentive agreements and relief considerations for landowners and developers. These may include tax increment financing, sales tax incentives, and incentives based on environmental responsibilities. Such issues often play a large role in the zoning and land use decision-making process for government entities.

Our experienced attorneys also assist with matters related to:

  • Regulatory compliance, including all local, state, and federal regulations regarding environmental concerns, hazardous substances, and remediation;
  • Eminent domain, protecting the rights of property owners when the government seeks to obtain privately owned property; and
  • Entitlement matters, helping owners obtain the necessary approval to carry out their plans for a commercial enterprise.

Client-Focused Legal Counsel

The accomplished lawyers at Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd. are committed to providing top-quality legal services to our clients. We are proud to develop strong relationships with our clients, allowing us to fully understand their needs and objectives. Our firm is proud of the reputation that we have earned as dedicated attorneys who work hard on behalf of property owners and real estate developers throughout Northern Illinois. Contact our office at 708-448-8141 to speak to one of our skilled attorneys.

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