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Attorneys for Commercial Landlord-Tenant Matters

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Complex leases can lead to complex disputes. The attorneys at Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd. have substantial experience in commercial landlord and tenant matters. They work with our real estate attorneys when necessary so that the firm's clients receive the most complete service available. Whether the issues pertain to lease compliance or defense, lease interpretation, or rental terms, our team helps our clients enforce and defend their rights in the commercial landlord and tenant context.

Preventing Landlord-Tenant Disputes

At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., we understand that the best way to address potential landlord-tenant issues is to develop clear, legally sound lease agreements. Our lawyers assist in the negotiation and review of leasing contracts so that our clients fully understand their rights and responsibilities. Our firm represents both landlords and commercial tenants throughout the process.

Attorneys Dedicated to Protecting Clients' Interests

The accomplished attorneys at our firm handle a wide variety of commercial landlord-tenant matters, including disputes related to:

  • Possession: In most cases, a landlord must avoid disturbing the use and possession of a commercial property during the term specified in the lease. Under the covenant of quiet enjoyment, which is implied in all commercial leases, a tenant has the right to peaceful possession of the property without undue interference by the landlord;
  • Repairs and maintenance: Depending on the terms of the lease, a landlord is not usually required to provide maintenance or make repairs while the tenant is in possession of the property. If, however, a landlord is negligent in regard to making the premises tenantable, he or she could be responsible for a failure to comply;
  • Constructive eviction: If a landlord takes action or fails to take action that results in the premises becoming uninhabitable, and the tenant is forced to vacate the property, the tenant may be able to seek damages for constructive eviction; and
  • Property damage: Disputes often arise over the occurrence of damage that renders a commercial property permanently or temporarily unable to be leased. Most commercial leases contain provisions that address liability for property damage, and our attorneys can help you understand how the terms of your lease may apply.

At Sosin, Arnold & Schoenbeck Ltd., we realize that every landlord-tenant relationship is unique, as are any disputes that may arise. Our attorneys take the time to get to know our clients so that we can develop a full understanding of the situation at hand. With our personal approach, we are able to create reasonable solutions customized to meet our clients' needs and to protect their best interests.

For assistance with your commercial landlord-tenant concerns, contact our office. Call 708-448-8141.

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